Drug Study: Dolan

Generic name: ibuprofen
Brand name: Dolan
100 mg/5mL suspension
200mg/5mL suspension
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Drug Study: Alnix

Generic name: cetirizine dihydrochlroride
Brand name: Alnix 10 mg tablet
Category: antihistamine
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Drug Study: Eliphorin

Generic name: cefalexin monohydrate
Brand name: Eliphorin
Category: antibacterial
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Drug Study: Triconex Forte

Generic name: metronidazole
Brand name: Triconex Forte 500 mg tablet
Category: antiprotozoal/ amoebicide
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Drug Study: Levophed

Generic name: noradrenaline
Brand name: Levophed 1mg/mL solution for injection (IV)
Category: Adrenergic agent
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Drug Study: Nevramin tablets

Generic name: Fursultiamine + vit B6 + B12
Brand name: Nevramin tablets

Nevramin is combined preparation of the following ingredients available in the form of sugar-coated tablet.
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Drug Study: Neurobion tablet

Generic name: vitamins B1 + B6 + B12
Brand name: Neurobion tablet


Each coated tablet contains:
Thiamine mononitrate (Vitamin B1) = 100mg, Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) = 200mg, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) = 200mcg
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Drug Study: Prostaphlin

Generic name: cloxacillin sodium
Brand name: Prostaphlin-A 250 mg and 500 mg capsules
Category: antibacterial
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Drug Study: omeperon

Generic name: omeprazole sodium
Brand name: omeperon 40 mg powder for IV injection
proton pump inhibitor
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Drug Study: Senokot

Generic name: standardized senna concentrate
Brand name: Senokot 187 mg Tablet/ granules
Category: laxative
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Drug Study: Serc

Generic name: betahistine dihydrochloride
Brand name: Serc 8 mg and 16 mg tablets
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Drug Study: Eurax

Generic name: crotamiton
Brand name: Eurax 10% cream 10% lotion
Category: anti-itch, anti-scabies
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Drug Study: eposino

Generic name: epoetin alfa
Brand name: eposino
Solution for injection

recombinant human erythropoietin
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Drug Study: Ectrin

Generic name: Erdosteine
Brand name: Ectrin
300mg Capsule
175 mg/5mL powder for suspension

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Drug Study: Dulcolax

Generic name: bisacodyl
Brand name: Dulcolax
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Drug Study: Drozid

Generic name: cefadroxil
Brand name: Drozid
Dossage: 500 mg capsule
125 mg/5mL Powder for syrup

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Drug Study: Carnicor

Generic name: L-carnitine
Brand name: Carnicor 330 mg tablet
Category: metabolic energizer
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Drug Study: Lasix

Generic name: furosemide
Brand name: lasix 40 mg tablet

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Drug Study: Yurocef

Generic name: cefuroxime sodium
Brand name: Yurocef 750 mg powder for injection I.M./I.V.
Category: antibacterial
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Drug Study: Fetusin

Generic name: oxytocin
Brand name: fetusin
Category: oxytoxic
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Drug Study: Norten

Generic name: imidapril HCl
Brand name: Norten 5 mg and 10 mg tablet
Category: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor/antihypertensive
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Drug Study: magnesium sulfate

Generic and brand name: magnesium sulfate 250 mg/mL (25%) solution for injection
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Drug Study: Humamet

Generic name: metformin hydrochloride
Brand name: Humamet tablet 500 mg and 850 mg
Category: Oral anti-hyperglycemic drug
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Drug Study: lidocaine hydrochloride

Generic and brand name: lidocaine hydrochloride 2% solution for injection (20mg/mL) local infiltration
Category: Local anesthetic
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Drug Study: Fluimucil

Generic name: acetylcysteine

Brand name: Fluimucil granules and tablet
Category: Mucolytic
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Drug Study: Kremil-S

Generic name:
Aluminum hydroxide
Magnesium Hydroxide

Brand name: Kremil-S reformulated chewable tablet

Category: antacid/ antiflatulent Read More »

Drug Study: Diamicron

Generic name: gliclazide

Brand name: Diamicron 80 mg tablet

Category: anti-diabetes Read More »

Drug Study: Eldicet

Generic name: pinaverium bromide

Brand name: Eldicet 50 mg tabler

Category: Spasmolytic Read More »

Drug Study: Lormide

Generic name: Loperamide

Brand name: Lormide

2mg capsule

Category: Antimotility Read More »

Drug Study: Ampicin

Generic Name: Ampicillin

Formulation: 250/500mg Powder for Injection

Category: antibacterial Read More »

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