Medical and Nursing Management of Bacterial Infections (Pyodermas)

VI. Nursing Diagnosis

•    Impaired skin integrity
•    Deficient knowledge
•    Disturbed body image
•    Acute pain
•    Imbalanced nutrition: less than body requirements
•    Risk for infection

VII. Nursing Management

Administer medications which may include systemic or topical antibiotics. Soak and wash lesions with mild soap solution to remove the central site of bacterial growth before applying topical antibiotics.

Prevent infection and infection transmission.
•    Instruct the client not to squeeze a boil or pimple; the protective wall of induration that localizes the infection should not rupture or be destroyed.
•    Instruct the client to bathe at least daily with bactericidal soap.
•    Inform the client and families that impetigo is a contagious disease. Cleanliness is a priority. Encourage the use of separate towels for family members.
•    Isolate drainage in severe cases of folliculitis, furuncles, or carbuncles. Cover the mattress and pillow with plastic material.

Promote comfort measures.
•    IV fluids, fever sponges, and other supportive treatments, are indicated for clients who are very ill or suffering with toxicity.
•    Apply warm, moist compresses to increase vascularization and help with resolution of the furuncle or carbuncle.

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