Nurse’s Role in Family Planning

A. Ideally extends from pregnancy through follow-up
B. The nurse works with the woman, her partner, provider of care - reinforcement of education
C. Address use, questions, and concerns about birth control methods

1. Build trust; acknowledge cultural and religious factors

2. Ask about prior use and knowledge

3. Address lifestyle and desire for more children

4. Include safe-sex practices and abstinence

5. If indicated, refer client to a class on a specific method of contraception such as natural family planning

6. Refer to MD, CNM, or Nurse Practitioner for methods that require a prescription or special fit (oral contraceptives, Norplant, diaphragm, IUD)
7. Refer client to MD for sterilization

Family Planning

A. Contraception - the voluntary prevention of pregnancy
1. Attitudes toward contraception
a. shaped by religion and culture
b. influenced by family’s attitudes
c. affected by socioeconomic status

2. Contraception only works if the user
a. accepts the method
b. understands it
c. is motivated to use it correctly

3. Nurse’s role in family planning
a. explain all available methods
b. discuss effectiveness, benefits, and drawbacks of each method
c. discuss how the user feels about contraception
d. have user explain chosen method (”say back”)
e. clarify any misunderstandings

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