Procedure For Feeding By Gastric Gavage

Objective: To provide a means of alimentation when the oral route is inaccessible.

a.Gastrointestinal diseases and surgery
b.Hypermetabolic states (burns,multiple trauma,sepsis,cancer)
c.Certain neurologic disorders (stroke and coma)
d.following certain types of surgery (head and neck, esophagus)

Contraindication: Absent bowel sounds

After Care:
a.Wash or let the significant other of the patient do the washing of the materials used in feeding.
b.Keep all the materials used in its proper place.
c.Refrigerae the osterized feeding.

a.Describe and record procedure
b.Time of feeding
c.Type of Gavage feeding
d.Type and amount of fluid given
e.Amount retained or vomited
f.Patient’s reaction to the procedure.

Nursing Alert: Tube feedings are contraindicated to patients without bowel sounds. Administration of feeding solution to an improperly placed tube may cause aspiration into the lungs.

Equipment: Tube feeding at room temperature, water, rubber band, asepto or Toomey syringe, IV pole, feeding bag or prefilled tube feeding set clamp (Hoffman or butterfly), disposable pad or towel, stethoscope, enteral feeding pump(if ordered), sterile gauze


1.Explain procedure to client.
Rationale: Facilitates cooperation and provides reassurance for client.

2.Assemble equipment. Check amount, concentration, type and frequency tube feeding on client’s chart.
Rationale: Provide for organized approached to task. Ensures the correct feeding will be administered.

3.Wash your hands.
Rationale: Handwashing deters the spread of microorganisms.

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